Where the East Ends

August 10, 2010

by Trey Johnson
Release Date: August 31, 2010

Idol Records

Where the East Ends by Trey Johnson

One year after the release of his critically acclaimed debut solo recording, Mount Pelée, Trey Johnson delivers an eclectic mix of music performed by a variety of musicians. Produced by Trey, his partner Don Cento, guitarist and producer/arranger on Mount Pelèe, and Dallas’ own Paul Williams.

Where the East Ends has a unique identity all its own. Where Mount Pelée searched for new sonic territory and subject matter, W.T.E.E. explores different styles and energy. Recorded in just 10 days in May at Tomcast studios in Dallas the core band remained the same, James Driscoll, Rich Martin and Don Cento. However this time around, an impressive array of musicians contribute to the record. The result is a recording with more personality and unexpected turns than its predecessor. At Just under 35 minutes it’ll fit in your pocket and leave you wishing there was more.

Where the East Ends
Trey Johnson

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Mixed by Stuart Sikes.
Trey Johnson-vocals, guitar, piano
Don Cento- electric & acoustic guitar on Rain, Auntie Mo’ Rag Banjo on Bombs, Kentucky
Rich Martin-keyboards on Born & Raised, Wear you Down, A Long Time, Salt of the Earth, Young & Dumb, Kentucky
James Driscoll-bass guitar on Wear You Down, A Long Time, Rain, Salt of the Earth, Young & Dumb, Kentucky
Matt Kellum-Drumkit on Wear You Down, A Long Time, Rain, Salt of the Earth, Call Anytime, Kentucky
Steve Carter-banjo on Born & Raised Call Anytime
Bubba Hernandez- bass on Call Anytime, tuba on Born & Raised
Joe Cripps-Drumkit on Born & Raised, Call Anytime, spoons, castnets and various percussion Kentucky Rain, Born and Raised, Call Anytime
Tom Bridwell-drumkit on Rain
Paul Williams-Electric guitar on Kentucky
Chad Stockslager-Background vocals on Wear you Down, A Long Time, Born & Raised, Bombs, Kentucky, various percussion Kentucky
Becky Middleton-background vocals on Wear You Down, Call Anytime, Rain, Young & Dumb
Randy Graham-trumpet on Born & Raised., A Long Time, Call Anytime
Dave Monsch-tenor saxophone on Born & Raised, A Long Time, Call Anytime
Annie Benjamin-flute on Rain

Media Contact: Erv Karwelis 214-321-8890 erv@idolrecords.com

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